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Our Story
Hey! We're a local family that lives in the neighborhood. We had our girls' first birthdays here years ago, with smash cakes on the floor and great-grandmas swinging at pinatas from the metal awning hanging over the new patio. We spent many nights on bike rides with neighbors, loading a cold drink in our kroozies and reminiscing around the silos. We referred to it as a trip to 'four silos brewery.'  Motivated by the desire to create a true neighborhood gathering place, our dream became a reality. Our 4th Silo (baby) was born just before grand opening day. Unplanned, all 4 Silos (children) have their first initials in line with our tradename FSBC - Four Silos Brewing Company. Our hope is that you enjoy this fun, community gathering place as much as we do, and that you join us in keeping our neighborhood and community safe and clean. Cheers! 
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